How to import data into Dynamics 365 by Excel Add-in?

Excel add-in is a powerful tool and very easy use to import data into dynamics 365.

you can quickly and easily view and edit the data by using the Excel add-in.

Note:: This add-in requires Microsoft Excel 2016.

1- open excel 2016 and go to insert tab and click my add-ins

2- click see all to view dynamics add-ins 

and click insert 

3- click add server information 

4- specify URL address and click ok 

5-confirm changes 

6-sign with your account 

7-click design to add table 

click add table 

8-select entity data source

you can see all data entities, just select your data entity and click ok  

9-click next to select fields 

just double click on your field to select it 

also, you can move fields up and down as you need or remove it

 10- click done and continue to refresh data 

11- you can add other table or remove the existing 

also, you can edit table or add fields as you need 

12- click done to refresh data 

13- if you need to filter your data, just click filter and select your fields with criteria 

click done and refresh data again

14- click new to insert data 

insert your data and click publish

15- you can check the inserted data in the application 



  1. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing this tutorial, it was helpful.
    I wanted to use the “GeneralJournalAccountEntryEntity” data entity but wasn’t able to find it.
    Do you happen to know why this data entity is unavailable in Excel ?
    Thank you,

    1. you can use this entity from data management.

      GeneralJournalAccountEntryEntity is available under data management

  2. Hey - looks good. You can also use the "Get Data" feature in the 'PowerApps > Data > Entities' area of PowerApps. Similar workflow. But without an add-in. This requires a Dynamics subscription

  3. Hello, thanks for the article, i tried it but for me when i publish data, it says its published successfully but no data is inserted in D365. I am trying to create Inventory Movement Journal lines using InventoryMovementJournalEntity.

    any hints regarding what may be the reason?


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  5. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing this tutorial, it was helpful.I have a question, after export a table which includes auto generated column and its a primary key such as personal number ,if I want add more rows to the table and publish it again to D365 ,it doesn't let me .How can I do that? Thanks for your help.


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